Generic Drugs Distribution

chloramphenicol 50mg eyedrops 10ml MEDOPTIC


chloramphenicol 50mg eardrops 10ml ashford


chloramphenicol 50mg eyedrops 5ml ALPHAGRAM


chloramphenicol 50mg eardrops 5ml ALPHAGRAM



chloram + dexa eyedrops 5ml IPECOR


chloram + dexa eyedrops 5ml DEXANICOL



dexa+neo+poly eyedrops 5ml ISORE


dexa+neo+poly eardrops 5ml RAPIDAX


dexa+neo+poly eyedrops 5ml SYNTEMAX


dexa+neo+poly eardrops 5ml SYNTEMAX



erythromycin eye ointment 5g OPTRYL


erythromycin eye ointment 3g optaderm



gentamycin 3mg/ml eye & ear 5ml KLONTAR


gentamycin 3mg/ml eye & ear 5ml OPTHAGEN



hypromellose 3mg 10ml ARTEARS



ofloxacin 3mg/ml eye drops 5ml CINOFLOX ED



pheniramine 3mg + naphazoline 250mcg 10ml IRAZOL


pheniramine 3mg + naphazoline 250mcg 10ml OPTHAPEN EYE



prednisolone 1% opthalmic 5ml ILOCET


prednisolone 1% opthalmic 5ml NORSOLEX OPTA



tobramycin eye drops 5ml RAMITOP



tobramycin + dexamethasone eye 5ml MYDEXIN


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