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Pharmacy Intelligent Management System

PIMS offers a full-featured point-of-sale (POS) system that is made specifically for the Retail Pharmacy and Grocery Business. This intensely customized but easy to use and comprehensive program comes with lots of features, including virtual pharmacy aide, pharmacist tools, inventory management, EDPMS sales reference summary, integrated payroll system (optional - additional fee), customer management and management analysis tools.

The system offers substantial security starting with the back-end of the system where business owners can control users’ access to ensure employees can only see applicable information. This also includes management of user logins both with unique IDs and passwords. To safeguard your data, PIMS has taken several precautions to preserve a high level of privacy.

PIMS offers a comprehensive data analytics application called intelligent reporting, to keep business owners informed. The system is continually gathering data, which is presented in detailed reports. A few of the more figures that are tracked are hourly sales, order history, payment summaries, product mix and sales summaries.

This software suits in a seamless networking environment that can accommodate unlimited number of employees and/or unlimited users.

Other important features of PIMS:

  • The system will notify if there are near expiring items, which can be set (to alert) either 30, 60 or 90 days before expiration. Such feature can help the company to return the near expired products to the suppliers for replacements or create promotions (e.g. buy one take one and the like) for products to be disposed and/or sold fast.

  • The system will automatically block billing of expired items to assure that the medicines ordered will not be “accidentally” served to the customers.

  • An automatic Purchase Order (P.O.) advice can be viewed and/or generated by the management based on the quantity re-order level settings or from the quantities sold, of which the owner or purchaser is free to choose. Pharmacies require a continuous inventory monitoring in order to ensure that drugs do not go out of stock or overstocking. This is made even more difficult when there are multiple sales, returns or withdrawals. When done manually it is very difficult to maintain an accurate inventory.

  • The system also has a feature to detect NEW items encoded by the staffs that are frequently inquired (ordered) by customers that are not found in the inventory but instantly is in demand due to advertisements from TV, Radio or Newspaper. This analysis can be used by the management to include such “IN DEMAND” products into their Purchase Order (P.O.).

  • “Virtual Pharmacy Aide” – in some cases, when the medicine ordered by the customer is not available (out of stock) or lacking, the system suggests equivalent medicine with the same molecular formula or generic equivalence. It will also guide attending staffs pertaining to a drug’s functions, side effects, precautions, dosages and other detailed information for customer reference and satisfaction.

  • Track system access with time and attendance of personnel.

How does Pharmacy Intelligent Management System (PIMS) work,

and why you need one regardless of the relevant type of business you run?

Within the pharmacology industry or medicinal trading business, however, this is even more important. Without adequate pharmacy management, people could get the wrong medication or medication in the wrong dosage, or it could be unclear whether or not they are receiving too much medication, or inventory mess.

Fortunately, PIMS comes to the rescue. PIMS is designed to ensure any pharmacy, be that in a hospital, retail or wholesale trading, is able to have all their needs met. By using PIMS, a pharmacy manager or pharmacist is able to have input on how medication is used in a pharmacy, as well as supervising the dispensation of medication.

PIMS is able to improve customer or patient care, because it is able to monitor how drugs interact, whether a customer or patient has any allergies to different drugs and other complications that can occur due to using medication. A prescription order is entered on the system, which then checks whether there are any interactions between that drug and any other drugs the patient may be taking.

Bottom line, there are tons of advantages when using PIMS compared to a manual system. It may incur an additional capital from the start of implementation, but in the long run, PIMS will be a companion or a tool to success. With careful attention to profitability and loss management, PIMS can even pay for itself in a few months time.

Rapid reports, efficiency of transactions and satisfying customer service is what PIMS do. A higher degree of success with Pharmacy Intelligent Management System (PIMS) or a constant disappointment in a manual system, the choice is yours.